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Democratic gubernatorial candidate Shri Thanedar conducted a town hall meeting at the Saginaw County Democratic headquarters on Thursday, May 24.  Accompanied by his wife Shashi, he touted his platform for the first half hour before taking questions from the SRO audience.

Insisting Republicans have not invested well in our state, Shri emphasized increased spending on infrastructure projects like roads and bridges and improving public education while outlawing for-profit charter schools. He voiced opposition to arming classroom teachers and privatizing prisons, but favors increasing the minimum wage to $15/hr. and switching to a fairer graduated income tax.

Running the state more as a family than a Snyder business, Mr. Thanedar would push for free higher education for families with under $120K incomes and free child care for all.  Universal, single payer health care and protection for prevailing wage laws are also on his agenda. The audience often applauded with their support including Shri’s promise to “keep Michigan water in Michigan” referencing the Nestle company’s bottling operations.

After answering numerous questions, Mr. and Mrs. Thanedar departed for a similar event in Flint.  For more information on his candidacy visit: www.shri2018.com