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The August 9 meeting began with Chair Paul Purcell introducing Wayne State University trustee candidate surgeon Anil Kumar (eventual nominee), who spoke about his commitment to give back to the university that gave him his first job and a wife. He took interesting questions from the audience.


Jerry Hilliard then talked about his primary win. He vowed to continue to fight for union rights and middle class values as he has for the past 18 months. He compared his Republican opponent John Molenaar to a dud firecracker.  Following his victory, ActBlue has donated $1,500 to his campaign. County Commission candidate Terry Manwell hopes to host a fundraiser for Jerry in the near future.

The Chair made announcements about the fall banquet September 28, the County Convention August 11, and the State Convention August 25-26.

Second Vice Chair Eric Hinojosa said the banquet tickets are ready to be mailed. He noted past practice has been to set aside paid tickets from those who are unable to attend for young Democrats who wouldn’t be able to afford to attend.  Ruth Ann Knapp then generously interjected that she would donate a table for the young Dems.  On an unrelated matter, Eric mentioned the Sacred Heart 5K Run/Walk on September 29.  The monies raised are used to helps AIDS victims and, starting this year, addiction treatment. Anyone interested in forming a team was encouraged to see him.  As in the past, a hat was passed to make a donation from the SCDP.

Treasurer Kyle Bostwick reported a substantial donation from Jean Schluckebier and thanked Ruth Ann Knapp for paying this month’s rent.


Secretary Ellen Rodman  also had a thank you for all the volunteers at the county fair booth. A larger space will allow for better displays next year. She hopes to come up with some creative giveaways by then. She mentioned a resolution supporting the Promote the Vote ballot initiative will be voted on at the county convention.


Sue McInerney passed out the volunteer sign up sheet for the August 25-28 poker tournament.


Cheryl Hadsall asked for help with the annual banquet silent auction September 28. A meeting was scheduled for August 15.  Donations can be dropped off at the next monthly meeting on September 13.


On the elections, Carl Ruth thanked all for their support. Bill Ostash announced that he filed for a City Council seat. Since there are four open seats and just three candidates, he’s pretty confident that he will be elected in November. State Representative Vanessa Guerra said she will post on Facebook when she will be at the SCDP headquarters working on her campaign and those of other local candidates.

Secretary Rodman added that another way to support the party is with donations of paper products, snacks, and water for the office staff.


Ruth Ann Knapp is the only incumbent running for one of the three open 6-year seats on the Saginaw Board of Education. There are four candidates.  Fire Chief Ralph Martin is running against incumbent Jason Thompson for a 2-year seat. Recall petitions on two board members have been approved.

32nd Senate seat candidate Phil Phelps thanked everyone for his primary win and singled out his opponent Henry Gaudreau for running a clean campaign. Both agreed that a Democrat can beat Ken Horn in November.


County commission candidate Ruth Averill enumerated the unions that have endorsed her.  State representative candidate Dave Adams pointed out that one of the Republican challengers has requested a recount so he will have to wait to find out who his opponent will be.

A number of attendees also commented on a wide variety of topics including  fundraising dinners, the African-American vote, the city water department, and SCDP communications.