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Amid more school shootings this past month in Santa Fe, Texas, and Noblesville, Indiana, the country once again turns its focus momentarily to the issue of gun violence in our schools.  The Saginaw County Democratic Party supports the efforts, valiant students, statewide and nationwide, to bring about meaningful changes to gun laws across our country. Whether under fire in their classrooms or from insensitive critics, students have shown an inspiring resiliency in their outspoken campaigns whether in Parkland, Florida, Washington, D.C., or Saginaw, Michigan.

After fourteen of their classmates were murdered, the students of Parkland’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School turned their grief into political action.  In a matter of weeks, they pushed Florida legislation that raised the age to purchase a rifle to twenty-one, banned bump stocks, added waiting periods and background checks, and secured $400 million for increased security measures.  Their disdain for NRA political funding resulted in many companies cutting ties to the organization.

Another of their efforts, the #NeverAgain movement, resulted in the massive “March For Our Lives” in Washington and over 800 cities around the nation on March 24.  More than 1.2 million supporters showed up at the Capitol demanding Federal action on a host of gun-related issues. In Saginaw, Heritage High’s Kaylin Bradshaw organized a local rally.

Seated next to a Sandy Hook mother, a sobbing but eloquent Parkland student, Sam Zeif, addressed the President in the White House and begged for change.  If that is not enough to stir the hearts of every citizen and transform the gun debate into a call to action, then reasonable people may have to wait until his generation takes the reins of government away from those who have failed to act.  We hope not. As the adage goes, children are our future. But they cannot be our future if they are no longer alive.


The SCDP hopes the voices of millions of children across the nation will galvanize the will of the people to demand common sense gun laws be swiftly enacted.  It is time to reform the gun culture supported by the NRA and the Republican Party to bring it in line with the vast majority of America’s desire for sensible legislation that promotes security, not only in our schools, but in all public places.  We will need the energy and the enthusiasm these young crusaders have shown to elect Democrats this fall to finally bring change to America.