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In a wide-ranging public forum, former businessman and current college educator Jerry Hilliard met psychotherapist and university professor Ziggy Kozicki at Grace A. Dow Library Auditorium on July 10 for a town-hall-style debate between the Democrat candidates.  After an opening statement, each candidate responded to the same submitted question from an audience member and then was allowed to rebut the response of their opponent.

The event was skillfully moderated by Bryan Fisher, chair of the Midland Progressive Democrats, which sponsored the event. Current 4th Congressional District Republican  Representative John Moolenaar was invited but failed to attend since Congress was in session.

With at least eight counties represented and running nearly 2 hours, the well-attended campaign stop was recorded for cable broadcast on MCTV (where Ziggy produces shows).  Fortunately for Saginaw County residents it is also available on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8tcp1U1wEaU

So if you just can’t make up your mind or are totally clueless, take time to watch the video and evaluate the Democratic candidates.  As a bonus, you don’t have to watch it all in one sitting!

For more on Jerry visit his Facebook page at www.facebook.com/jerry.hilliard.94 or email him at jchilliardg@gmail.com

You can visit Ziggy’s website at https://runziggyrun.com  Ziggy also has a Facebook account at www.facebook.com/runziggyrun and his email is ziggykozicki@gmail.com