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Senate Bill 897 passed the Senate without any Democratic support.  Able-bodied Medicaid recipients between the ages of 19 and 64 who are receiving Medicaid benefits will be required to work, receive job training or education, or a combination of the three, for an average of 29 hours per week under this legislation. The Democrats offered eight amendments – all of which were defeated.

The proposal will have Michigan join three other states to have Medicaid work requirements and will have the highest amount of hours required per month nationwide.  If enrollees fail to meet monthly requirements and report their income quarterly, they are given 30 days to comply or coverage is suspended for one full year. The Senate Fiscal Agency estimates costs in Michigan of $20.0 million to

$30.0 million per year for administration of a Medicaid work requirement.

Bill sponsor Senator Mike Shirkey (R-Clarklake), said he expects the legislation to be altered by the House.  If you are not in the 95th House District represented by Vanessa Guerra, notify your legislator about your opposition to this bill. The 94th District is represented by Tim Kelly (R-Saginaw).  He can be reached at TimKelly@house.mi.gov and 517-373-0837.